The new Sensuelle collection takes your breath away!

Jewelry is a gift that never disappoints. In our culture, gold jewelry has always been a preferred choice, not only for its beauty but also for everything it symbolizes – security, wealth, respect, and love.

Each piece of jewelry holds a personal story that emotionally connects us with loved ones or important moments, whether it’s a bracelet received at birth, a ring that signifies the most significant ‘yes’ in life, or earrings purchased with the first paycheck.

Every woman has her own story, and the skilled hands of our craftsmen allow her to express it through jewelry crafted from high-quality materials and finished by hand, making each piece unique, just like the person who wears it.

The new Sensuelle collection, characterized by exquisite and innovative design and high-quality materials, celebrates the modern woman, her sensuality, and her self-confidence.

Pearls, diamonds, and semi-precious stones take center stage in the new collection. Combined with gold, they create a source of light and playful colors and details that celebrate inner happiness and beauty, emphasizing femininity in the most exclusive and modern way.

Modern, handmade jewelry allows you to mix and match different elements daily to create a unique look in line with your outfit or mood.

Coral jewelry celebrates the joy of life and is sure to captivate your attention with its cheerful colors, while pearls represent simpler yet timeless pieces. The line with diamonds and semi-precious stones can be described in just two words – pure elegance.

Since 1996, the Prahir family has been creating a unique jewelry-wearing experience, proud of the advanced techniques used in its creation, and a rich tradition of luxury founded on the fusion of creativity, passion, and excellence in every piece.

Our new collection celebrates fantastic events in your life that change the world as you know it because it celebrates moments that are timeless.

It’s always the right time to celebrate love and show devotion to those who matter. Some do it with a song, a kind gesture, or a hug, but those who want to give something precious and everlasting present gold jewelry – pieces that are passed down and become a part of a story yet to be fully told.

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