Who says jewelry and prescription glasses can’t go together! #myway

How many times do women find themselves getting ready to go out and instead of the promised five minutes, they need thirty-five minutes to get ready? Most often, the final step in getting ready, which is choosing fashion accessories, takes the most time.

To avoid the pitfalls of getting ready, in collaboration with your partner, we bring you a guide on how to wear and combine prescription glasses with jewelry! Glasses have long ceased to be just a vision aid and have found their way onto the shopping list of all fashion trendsetters in recent years who know how to achieve an eye-catching look for every day with a few simple tricks. To succeed, you will first need perfect prescription glasses tailored to your face shape, and then it is essential to have something shiny and dazzling like a piece of jewelry. Statement earrings, a necklace, or bracelets will effortlessly complete your look and add that dose of confidence you want to achieve before heading out!

In the end, with stylish glasses and jewelry, you can play with makeup by emphasizing your lips with red lipstick, and you are ready for a casual stroll, a business occasion, or a glamorous evening. The transformative power of fashion accessories lies in the fact that they can turn any outfit into a magical one, as long as you choose them wisely.

See how famous influencers do it in our gallery!


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