Prahir manufactures crafting handmade jewelry since 1996. The company is located in Velika Gorica near Zagreb.

Since 1996.





The name Prahir, in the world of goldsmiths, for the first time appears at the end of Dražen Prahir education in 1971, who was finishing his craftsmanship of jewelry at one of the rare goldsmith shops in Varšavska Street in Zagreb at that time. After his education, he was employed in the renowned Rubin Goldsmith House, which was the leading manufacturer of gold jewelry in Croatia at that time. 1996 Drazen Prahir boldly launched his own production of wedding rings called Prahir Goldsmiths. Watcing their father creating some new forms of jewelry since they were little, sons Hrvoje and Tomislav simply could not be carried elsewhere but in the direction of goldsmith. With the same fervor, desire and will, they continued what their father had begun.

With our approach to jewelry making, we always take the lead to give our best to become every day more creative and bolder in our creations, and also to make jewelry comfortable to wear and simply mingle with the person to whom it is intended. Our main motive is the customer’s satisfaction and the charm of the customer’s first contact with our jewelry – this is what is pushing us forward.

Our jewelry will crown your most precious moments with its creativity and uniqueness – those moments you remember for a lifetime. What distinguishes us is a desire to fulfill your conceptions, wishes and ideas. We will accomplish them all.

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The Prahir wedding and engagement rings are symbols of eternal love, and it stands out due to its timeless design and eternal quality.

In order for a wedding ring to guarantee you a lifetime’s satisfaction and integrity, please contact one of our qualified jewellers who will give you their expert opinion.

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By our certificate we also provide a guarantee that, even after you have bought your chosen item of jewelry, we will take exceptional care of it and ensure your total satisfaction with our services. We pledge, at your request, to downsize, increase, clean, polish or matte your ring free of charge, as a lifetime guarantee, because we would make a lifelong covenant with you.



Afford a whole new experience of buying a piece of jewelry to the loved ones by giving them our gift voucher with the chosen amounts that you can arrange with our employees. By giving a gift voucher you're not only giving someone a gift, but also a whole new experience.

You will get the gift voucher in an elegant envelope. The voucher can be used in all Prahir stores.