Prahir jewelry is made of carefully selected high-quality materials.


Designed for everyday wear, and with proper maintenance and care it will shine like the first day of purchase.
Gold and silver are precious metals subject to the influence of time. Silver changes color and loses its luster during long-term wear, but you can slow down this process if you pay attention to the following: jewelry made of precious metals should not come into contact with chemicals such as perfumes, hair sprays, various creams, sulfur, salt water and etc. the appearance of your jewelry also depends on the Ph value and the daily skin maintenance and care routine.

How to take care of your jewelry


Take it off

Take it off before sleeping, showering and physical training.

Avoid contact with water

Avoid contact with water and cleaning agents - otherwise the jewelry may lose its luster and darken.

Take it apart

When not wearing it, store it separately from other jewelry in an open box to avoid scratches and oxidation.

An unwritten rule

Make your jewelry the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.


Polish it with a soft cloth to make it shiny and bright (but keep in mind that physical damage and scratches cannot be removed or repaired by the cloth).


Pay special attention to jewelry with stones - do not handle it roughly and store it separately from other jewelry to avoid scratching.


Jewelry with pearls (regardless of origin) requires special care and must not be exposed to water or any chemicals.

Chain and pendant

When buying a chain, pay attention that the one you choose is not too thin and too light if you intend to wear a pendant on it, because it may break under the weight of the pendant.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, discoloration and oxidation of jewelry may not be subject to complaints. The yellow and rose gold that Prahir uses in the final stage of jewelry making are unique mixtures that are not considered precious metals. With the passage of time and the influence of external factors, the gilding may come off or be damaged, and the above cannot be the subject of a complaint.


Rigid bracelets that are not made of solid material are subject to damage and breakage, and the above cannot be the subject of a complaint.

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